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Buying With K&CO.

Why Keirstead & Co. is your go-to realty group when buying your new home

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. It’s a complex ordeal that requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. It's no big secret that we are in one of the toughest markets for buyers in decades so let us do the heavy lifting and help find your next home. Let's get started on your search today.

Buying Guide

Becoming a new homeowner is one of the most liberating achievements you’ll ever experience. There are many benefits to homeownership, pride of ownership, the opportunity to make improvements to your home, market appreciation and building equity, etc. Here are the basic steps in the process of buying your next home.


Offer & Conditions

You've found the perfect property. Now we submit your offer and once it's accepted, complete the applicable conditions.


Closing Day

We help prepare you for closing day to ensure it's as seamless a transition as possible for everyone involved.


Financing Pre-Approval

Once you have your down payment saved, your next step is to meet with a mortgage specialist to determine your pre-approval amount.


Searching & Showings

There are multiple ways to search for available homes. Let's get you set up with the most efficient ways to shop today.

Expenses To Expect

Additional costs associated with purchasing a home

( after inspection ) Home Inspection
( minimum of 5% of purchase price ) Down Payment
  ( as a condition of your offer ) Deposit
 if applicable - with well water ) Water Test
( on closing ) Lawyers Fees​​
  • Land Transfer Tax ( 1% of purchase price ) 
  • Property Tax Adjustment ( on closing )
  • Rental Equipment Transfer ( if applicable )
  • Services Transfer Fees ( if applicable )
  • Hiring A K&CO. REALTOR® ( FREE! )

win - win

Finding win-win solutions to unique issues is one of our strongest attributes and essential to keeping a sale on track in this market.


Being available and keeping all parties to the sale informed every step of the way is crucial to facilitating a smooth transaction.


Precision and efficiency with paperwork are what we strive to maintain as we facilitate transactions and serve our clients at the highest level.


Building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients beyond a closing day is one of the most valued pieces of our real estate business.

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Moving Here From Outside New Brunswick?

  With Keirstead & Co. and Keller Williams, you have access to over  250,000  agents   and the largest real   estate referral network in the world  

"During the four months of our search for a new home, and the following months until the closing, Brian and Jeremy provided top-notch support and guidance to my wife and me. They were quick to get a sense of what we were looking for in a home and brought any potential properties to our attention as soon as they came on the market. They were able to get us answers to our many questions in a timely manner and were always available when we needed them. We would recommend them without hesitation."

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